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Preventive Care

At Adair Dentistry, we provide full service dental hygiene, diagnostic services, and periodontal maintenance treatment with the most current techniques and state of the art equipment. Preventative dentistry involves helping patients avoid dental disease or catching it in its early, more treatable stages.

Preventive care includes prophylaxis, or cleaning of the teeth, examination of the teeth and soft tissue, using visual and tactile exams, radiographic examination (x-rays), and oral cancer screenings. Our professionals use a diagnostic tool called a DIAGNOdent, that uses luminescence to detect decay at an earlier stage than was previously possible.

Our highly trained and clinically experienced dental hygienists provide gentle thorough care with warm and friendly attitudes. A good dental cleaning is necessary to prevent and/or treat periodontal disease, because even the most meticulous patient cannot reach every deposit of plaque that accumulates in the mouth with daily brushing and flossing. At every cleaning appointment, we will examine your periodontal health with a calibrated instrument called a Probe. By measuring the depth of the gap or "pocket" between the tooth and gum we can determine the health of your gums. A healthy mouth is essential because the mouth is the gateway into your body, so your overall health is affected.

Our hygienists and doctors may recommend dental sealants. A sealant is a thin plastic* coating applied to the grooves of the back teeth to protect them from tooth decay. It is a quick, painless procedure that can be a benefit for years. Sealants should be checked regularly and reapplied if they are not longer in place.

All children and adults at high risk for decay benefit from using additional fluoride products, including dietary supplements (based on fluoride levels in drinking water), mouth rinses, and professionally applied varnishes.

We also strive to educate our patients on their at-home care, nutrition, and smoking cessation when applicable.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions or concerns about your dental health and care, while helping you achieve great oral health!

*BPA in plastics
Research has been done on BPA in dental sealants since 1996. These research studies show that while extremely low levels of BPA can be detected in the saliva of individuals treated with sealants in the hours immediately following application, NO BPA was detected in the blood stream. For additional information please see the statement released by the American Dental Association.

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